The band

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  • John

    John O'Connor

    Rock and Roll photographer and musician John O’Connor landed an amazing career in his teens taking pictures of all the top names in the rock world for the music press.

    This naturally morphed into a career in being a musician, witnessing first-hand how the top professionals operated and how damn hard they worked.   The only thing to do was form his own band and make a success of it.

    Hence  THE SELECT COMMITTEE was born and they have never stopped gigging since.

  • Carol Barbe

    Carol Barbe

    Playing piano from as far back as she can remember and getting her talents from her Grandad (who was an accomplished musician) Carol, working as a fashion designer, always associated fashion and music being one of the same.

    It is all part of the arts (as is photography) and all the three seem to be ‘ first cousins’. Once Carol discovered her singing talent, that was it!

    She just had to be in a rockin’ band and is perfect fronting The Select Committee.

  • Bob Ainsworth

    Bob Ainsworth

    I am currently bass player with TSC.

    In the 60s and 70s I toured the UK, Germany and Turkey with a pop group playing guitar and singing. I played keyboards in a synthy/rock band in the 80s and played Hammond organ & piano in soul bands. Over the years I have done stand-in work on guitar.

    I play bass with an occasional Bob Dylan band and acoustic guitar and sing with a female singer in an acoustic pop duo. Got to keep on keeping on!

  • CJ

    Ted Taylor

    I am currently the deputy bass player for TSC. I played bass in several bands during the 1960s and gave it up to marry and raise a family. After the death of my wife last year, John contacted me and offered me my current position as Bob has a number of other activities that can keep him away for significant periods.

    Like all the other band members, I also devote as much time as possible to Loose Change Buskers, in order to give something back for the excellent care both myself and my wife received at the Christie.

  • CJ

    C J Williams

    l play acoustic and electric drums, mainly for The Select Committee. I have been playing since i was 16 and always enjoy my music.

    I have been in many local bands as well as doing dep work far to numerous to mention; but heres a few: The Organisation, Mr Bones, Splinter, Bridgewater Blues, The Cans and various other short term stints.

    When I get chance I try to do charity work with our band and Loose Change Buskers which I do enjoy.